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Slicing, dicing, cutting, shredding, grating, julienne

• Small, medium and high capacity machines
• Wide range of cutting attachments to provide maximum flexibility
• Robust machines suitable for food industry use


Coring, wedging, segmenting

• Apple coring and segmenting for ready to eat products
• Whole head iceberg salad coring
• Cabbage coring and segmenting prior to slicing



• Batch and continuous carborundum and knife peelers
• Fruit peeling – melon, pineapple, citrus, kiwi, mango and others
• Emphasis on high yield peeling and extended shelf life


De-watering, drying, cooling

• Removal of field moisture to improve packing rates
• Batch and automatic centrifuge drying lines to suit budget, space and capacity requirements
• Batch and continuous air de watering and drying systems
• In line product cooling equipment to remove process heat and extend shelf life


Washing, sanitising, dipping

• Batch washing for small capacities / short runs
• In line continuous flume washers
• Controlled retention time sanitising systems
• Product in basket / crate washers
• Dipping of cut products to extend shelf life


Grape De-stemming

• Automatic grape removal systems – save labour, extend shelf life, improve product appearance and quality


Batons, spirals, special shapes / cuts

• Carrot, swede, sweet potato batons
• Vegetable “spaghetti/spirals” from carrot, swede, sweet potato, courgette and others
• Bespoke shape cutting


Trimming, inspection, conveying

• Whole product trimming and inspection lines
• Feed conveyors to slicers / washers
• Complete line design and management
• Easy clean, hygienic design and construction


Foreign body removal, Optical sorting & inspection

• Camera and laser sorting equipment
• Removal of foreign bodies from whole head and baby leaf salads
• Supplied as stand alone equipment or part of a processing line
• A range of machine sizes to suit required capacities


Floretting – broccoli / cauliflower

• Continuous floretting equipment producing a range of floret sizes
• Automatic height adjustment to maximise product yield
• Single and twin lane machines to suit line throughputs


Cooking / mixing

• A wide range of industrial cooking pans and kettles
• Equipment for Sous vide / pressure cooking
• Fryers, pasta cookers and pasteurisers
• Paddle mixers, with and without vacuum, for applications throughout the food industry


Multi-Head Weighers

• Platform mounted and mobile systems
• Industry leading waterproof design
• Specialising in difficult to handle products
• Complete line solutions to manage the handling, weighing and filling of customer products


Bagging, wrapping, packaging

• Vertical form, fill and seal packaging machines
• Complete line solutions with infeed and outfeed conveyors and finished pack collection
• Brocoli handling and packaging systems


Projects and processing lines

• Bespoke line and project design and build
• Over 50 years of industry knowledge and experience
• Deal face to face with an English company who have been established for over 20 years
• We are based in the UK and are focused on the needs of our customers in our market


Field harvesting and packing rigs

• In field harvesting and packing rigs for salads and broccoli
• Unique broccoli packing systems to extend shelf life
• Sorting and grading units


Meat / poultry shredding and slicing

• Profile slicing of cooked meats and poultry
• Continuous high capacity machines producing “hand shredded” products
• Multi purpose machines to slice and shred on one machine
• Widely used throughout the UK by the industries leading processors

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